Taiwo Dayo-Payne Founder and CEO of The New 5ifty

The new 5ifty is for you

You are aged 40 and over

You have unrealised dreams and aspirations

You think that it might be too late for you

When I was 19 I attended my Mother’s 50th birthday party in Nigeria and it seemed so old and not like I feel now. 50 today is not the same as it was 30 odd years ago, where that generation was winding down their work lives as they approached retirement. We on the other hand will be working later in life, not only because the retirement age has increased but because people are living longer than in previous generations. We’re more youthful and understand that we can have another 20 – 30 years of active living. That if we choose we can start the career we always wanted to have, or move into our dream home and not our retirement home. We can have a new round of firsts and have adventures that were once the privilege of the young. We know that mid-life is a beginning and not the beginning of the end.