50 Days in the Life of a Mid Life Business Mentee - Day 34

I’m currently crewing on Blair Singer's Master Facilitator Programme in Johannesburg and when we met today we were asked to say why we are here.

I’ve done this programme before and one of my reasons for being here is to refresh the things I took away and re-learn things that I may have missed the last time.

The older I get the more value I give to learning and the fact that I was born at a time where opportunities that weren’t open to my parent’s generation are common place today.

So I take every opportunity I can get to learn more.

With Simone and Ben at the GTex training

With Simone and Ben at the GTex training

Last weekend I was in training for 3 days. It was an intense 3 days but it provided exactly what I needed to move forward an online programme I’m developing.

It also gave me practical tools to grow my client list.







As a one person show it’s very easy to continue to soldier on and struggle by yourself – I’m not sure it’s considered noble anymore. The thing to do (and I’ve learned the hard way) is to build a team around you. It doesn’t have to be a permanent team, nor does it need to be people who can do things for you or partners or some other form of mutual exchange.

Instead it can be the people you turn to, who can help you with a specific issue or just offer a shoulder to cry on, it could be hiring low-cost help from Fiverr.com or going to a course with the right person who is going to teach you just what you need to take the next step.

With a couple of my fellow crew members

With a couple of my fellow crew members

Every situation provides a chance to learn something from it and the lesson for me is when in doubt ask. The help you need can come in all sorts of guises

Is there anyone in your life that fits that criteria. Do you think they would help if they truly could?

Then why don’t you go ahead and ask.

What’s the worse they can say?