50 Days in the Life of a Mid Life Business Mentee - Day 19

Another nothing day… Or is it?

Today feels a bit like another nothing day. In fact, the last few days have felt a bit like nothing days. In that nothing much seems to be happening, nothing worth writing about anyway.


In his book, Little Voice Mastery, Blair Singer suggests we celebrate all wins. Big or small. And as part of his team of trainers it’s a key part of our Code of Honour.

So as part of my daily routine I note down my wins for the day. All the things I achieved, and where I didn’t make it I note the learning I gained from the experience. This means a good day isn’t dependent on success, it’s about taking action.


We read books about people who have made successes of their lives, their businesses or their careers but we never hear about the nothing days – because that would be boring. That’s why reality television has to be a bit contrived. Who would want to watch the Kardashian sisters just staring into space, or doing their washing and reading the papers?

Do you remember the old days of Big Brother, where they would stream live footage for hours on end? You had to be a dedicated fan to stick with that because most of the time it was hours on end of people sitting around looking bored, or sleeping, waiting for the next task.


This lack of exposure to nothing days can make it difficult to appreciate our own nothing days where nothing newsworthy happens – at least newsworthy to someone else.

But noting down your wins, the things you’ve achieved in that day gives you a reality check when you tell yourself you haven’t been doing much. When you tell yourself you’re not moving forward, because if you’re taking action, however small, then you’re moving forward.


I have to confess, in the past I didn’t always do it every day. I mainly lapsed on nights I was really tired and forgot to do it before I went to bed.  But now, when that happens I just do it in the morning.

And I’ve noticed a difference in the way I approach my tasks; there’s less procrastination for a start. But also, there’s a lot less self-judgement.

So, I guess in building your empire there are probably more nothing days than not so let’s not get discouraged. And let’s not call them nothing days.

For now, I’m going to call them ‘action days’. Days when I’m taking action, where I’m moving forward slowly but surely.

Okay, there’s not much to write home about but who cares?