50 Days in the Life of a Mid Life Business Mentee - Day 17

When You Just Feel Bleah!


Do you have days where you just feel bleah!

image by babydaytripper.com

image by babydaytripper.com


Not good, not bad, just, well, bleah.


It could be for a number of reasons:

·        It’s the beginning of the week

·        It’s the end of the week

·        You’re a bit stuck

·        Life is running away from you

·        Nothing much is going on

·        Too much is going on

And so many other reasons.


I woke up feeling a bit bleah this morning. No particular reason. I just did.


I told some people on a group I’m a part of.

One of them asked how she/they could be of help.

‘Thank you,’ I said, ‘but it will pass.’

I said that because I believe it.


I met a friend this morning and we went for a walk around Dulwich Park.

Several times around Dulwich Park.

We walked and we talked.

And then we had some lunch.

And then I came home and didn’t feel so bleah anymore. I still felt a little bleah, but not too much.

And I’ve been able to do my work.

Which has lifted me no end and I don’t feel bleah anymore.

There are good days and bleah days, there are bleah days and bad days.  Sometimes it’s appropriate to just be quiet and let the low energy be.

And sometimes, like today, it can be more helpful to move, to take action that revives your energy and lifts your spirit.