50 Days in the Life of a Mid Life Business Mentee - Day 15 (or Days 11-14)

When to say 'When'


Day 11

I spent travelling back to London.

Day 12

I went to get my stuff from storage so I could settle into where I’m currently staying. Tried to catch up on myself. Tried to catch up on my blog.  Attended 2 late night webinars. Worked on my action plan.

Day 13

4 hours sleep. Met up with a friend from my Mastermind group. Bought some equipment for my videos. Tried to catch up on myself. Tried to catch up on my blog.

Day 14

Spent most of the day trying to connect my printer. Didn’t work. Very frustrating. Wrote a couple of referral emails to ex-clients. Got my action plan to a point where I could send it to my coach. Met with my coach. Still trying to catch up on my blog.

Day 15

I woke up this morning and realised that I won’t be able to catch up with the blog. It’s 4 days since I left Italy and I’ve been so busy trying to write in arrears that I’m unable to appreciate where I am. You see I’m the kind of person that always feels I have to complete what I say I’ll do.  If I’m not sure I can stick to a commitment then I don’t commit. So if I’m going to blog for 50 days, I’m going to blog for 50 days dammit!


All very admirable eh!


The only problem with that is life sometimes gets in the way, which is what happened to me this week. Life got in the way.  My trip to Italy got in the way.  I was unprepared for the connectivity challenges so I fell behind.

The me of 10 years ago would continue to try and catch up, probably at the expense of writing anything useful. And that is no good to anyone. To me or to you, the reader.

Ant the truth of it is that even though I know it would be wrong a part of me still wants to try and write another 4 posts that will bring me up to date.


I think though, sometimes you have to know when to say ‘when’, to say let it go and move forward.

The old me is screaming

‘Stick to your commitment’  And the me today says


But that doesn’t mean I have to force and contrive material. It can mean to remain committed to delivering quality rather than quantity. It can mean to accept the circumstances that bring me to where I am now, to learn from it and move forward.


So what did I learn?

1.      To test equipment that I intend to use in a different environment

2.      Have a back-up plan (or back up material or back up WiFi)

3.      Where possible schedule in advance

4.      Accept where you are at

5.      Suspend self- judgement

6.      Don't forget to celebrate your wins and lessons


If I get better at doing all that then I can get better at knowing when to say ‘When’.