50 Days in the Life of a Mid Life Business Mentee - Day 23

I’m looking for somewhere to live.

I have a good idea of what I want but I’m not fixed on where I want it to be.

That’s in the long term.


But in the short term:

I’m looking for somewhere to live

I have a good idea of what I want but I’m not fixed on where I want it to be.


And therein lies the problem.


I’ve seen a couple of places and a couple of places I like.


They’re just not in areas I’ve lived before, so I’m having to weigh the importance of good transport links, against a picturesque location. A warm family/community-like environment against privacy and independence.  Both have their pluses and both have their drawbacks. One area is more familiar and the other isn’t as way out as I first perceived it to be.


It seems that over the last couple of years and this year,  I’m getting drawn more and more away from the familiar.  My business is evolving into something I wouldn’t have dreamed 2 years ago and I’m thinking of doing things I would have absolutely said no to six months ago.



Don’t get me wrong, it’s really exciting but quite scary at the same time.


And I wonder if it’s not an accident that I’m having this experience and or acknowledging it in this week.


What’s happening this week?


Well I’m putting together a little booklet about what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown as a result of the Everyday for 50 Days project I did earlier this year. I guess therefore, I’m thinking about things in the context of doing things I’ve never done before which includes considering living somewhere that’s not familiar to me.


When it comes to trying new things we assume that all is required to take the plunge is to just, well, take the plunge. But as Dr Andy Molinsky says there is a place for remaining in or close to your comfort zone - sometimes.  Maybe he’s right, it not right for me at this moment. The living environment is more important than the location -  as long as I can get about easily and safely that is.

And I share this with you, not because it’s important for you to know it but because I think it’s interesting to note the processes we go through as we try new things. As T Harv Eker says,

‘How you do anything is how you do everything,’ and I can see that sometime in the future I will be in a position in the business where I will need to decide between the unfamiliar or the less familiar. And I will need to ask myself to how brave I want or need to be. And within that is the question, who do I need to have around me in order to achieve either option. And then make a decision.

And go for it.