50 Days in the Life of a Mid Life Business Mentee - Day 6

St Peter's Square, the Vatican

St Peter's Square, the Vatican

Outside the Courts of Justice

Outside the Courts of Justice

When in Rome...


One of my intentions for this year has been to say yes where my usual response would be no. So when my friend Simona suggested I come and crew at an event in Rome I didn't think about it, I said yes.

So I'm here in Italy with very little of the language; I know andiamo, and alora!  I remember 'ti voglio bene' (I love you) from a song in the musical Nine and then of course there's ciao, Bella, bonjourno, buona sera and grazie.

That's about it. No sentences. So in effect I don't understand Italian at all.

I took an extra day so I could go into Rome (I left for Milan almost immediately after we finish the seminar. The plan was to visit the Vatican and Coliseum and a couple of other famous sites to see a bit of Rome. And I'm sharing this experience with you.

So this entry is going to be more of a series of photos than me writing about anything.

I walked a lot.

It was hot.

I had a nice time.