50 Days in the Life of a Mid Life Business Mentee - Day 5

Please try this at home.


I'm in Rome. I'll be here for the next few days.

I didn't bring my laptop because I thought I would be able to send my blog posts through my phone.

About to land in Rome

About to land in Rome

It didn't work. I couldn't add photos and it wouldn't publish.  I usually write my posts in word then put it online so I have a back up copy.

I didn't have a back up so I lost what I wrote.

Lesson number 1- Always try a new idea at home first.

The next issue is that the hotel I'm staying at (not from choice, but that's another story) only provides WiFi in the lobby area (it's not a cheap hotel either, but that's another story).


Lesson number 2 - Always try a new idea at home first.

To be fair I kind of did. I explored the idea of getting mobile WiFi that I could use out here or getting a local Sim. I discarded the idea of getting the mobile WiFi but thought I could get a local Sim.

The deal I was offered was 65 Euro for a week.

I decided to roam my phone. Hence me trying to post using my phone. 

My provider's roaming is crap.

Lesson number 3 - Always try a new idea at home first AND have a back up plan.

I didn't. Fortunately the hotel provides a business centre where I sit and write this a day later.

From tomorrow I'll be working long hours crewing at a seminar with 800 participants.

I also want to be able to post here each day.


I got called away and now have reverted back to my phone.  

I can't see what I'm typing for some reason.

Lesson number 4 - well you get the idea.

Photos may have to wait till I get home.