WOW Go Live in 5 Challenge - Done and Done


Last week I embarked on the WOW Go Live in 5 Challenge which was run by Janine Cummings, who runs the Women of Worth Facebook group.

It was an interesting exercise.


Not because I was on Facebook - I’ve done that before, remember.

And not because it was live – I’ve done that too.


The challenge for me was having to talk about a subject that came from someone else with little time to prepare. You see, we were given the subject we had to talk about each morning and post it by the end of the day. I made things extra challenging by blogging about it each day too.

I had to share it with you all didn’t I?


So the next question is why did I do it?




I’ve started the blog so it’s time to get vlogging innit?


What went well then?


I went live every day, I was able to keep going for about 10 minutes (nearly 13 mins on one occasion), I’m now an ace at converting a Facebook live stream to a YouTube video.


And what didn’t go so well?


I say um a lot.

A lot.

My selfie camera work leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s it really.


So, what did I learn?


That I can speak live on a subject that isn’t necessarily my choice.

That I stick to my commitments, even when it’s difficult. (Actually, I already knew that).

That it’s good fun and I want to do more.


I also learned not to concern myself with who is or isn’t watching. Because one thing that surprised me is the number of people who are watching, and not commenting or liking. I know this because I came across people I know as I was out and about who are watching, who are following my progress and who offer silent encouragement. And that will keep me going if and when it all starts to feel too much.


5 Day Live Stream Challenge done.


What’s next?