WOW Go Live in 5 Challenge - Day 5


Today was a day and a half. 

Woke up at 3.30am – couldn’t get back to sleep.

Tossed n turned for over an hour.

Must have dozed of about 4.50am.


Alarm went off at 5.00am.


Got up and made my way to an event that I was crewing on in Central London.


I found a window in which to do my Day 5 challenge- What Steps Do You Take Daily to stay positive, motivated and focused on your goals.


Which brings me to today’ post.

It’s 11.20pm and I got home about 10 minutes ago.


I told myself back in the days of Everyday For 50 Days that a daily challenge had to be posted daily and before that day is out, hence me sitting here goggle-eyed, and dog tired, writing this post for you today.


And when I think about how I stay motivated, one of the things I didn’t say is that I hold myself accountable to me. It’s important that I don’t imply or expect a positive response, especially at the beginning of any commitment. You see as Mack Newton says ‘when we don’t do what we said, we undermine ourselves.


So now although I’m so tired I can hardly focus, I'm writing this.


I’m not going to rant,


Day 5 of 5 day challenge - Done!


Wow Go Live for 5 - out.




Apologies in advance for any typos



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