WOW Go Live in 5 Challenge - Day 1




You’d think I had enough of challenges wouldn’t you?


I did too.




One of my goals this year is to get my blog and vlog going.


Well the blog’s going and now it’s time for the vlog.

Instead of getting on with it I found I was telling myself the same old thing.


I don’t know where to start.


What am I going to talk about?



No one wants to watch me!



I won’t have enough material.


And I knew that, like with Everyday for 50 Days I would have to start somewhere. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears and I knew I was ready when I watched Janine Cummings’ live stream and heard her offer. I took it up and joined an online community of other people up for the challenge.


So today I had to stream live on Facebook for no less than 8 minutes and no more than 10.5 minutes.

I set my alarm for 9 minutes so I would have wind down time.  When I felt I had said it all, I looked at my alarm and it said I had 36 seconds left so I rushed off.

 I forgot that I had given myself a minutes’ grace -  I could have waffled on for a little bit more.




But I did it and the beauty of doing it in this way is I’m not alone. Those of us taking the challenge can support each other through the process.


It wasn’t perfect, but I don’t care – I did it.


I said um a lot but I don’t care – I did it.


I didn’t place the camera in the best position but I don’t care – I did it.


I remember when one of my nieces was very young, about 7, her parents were away and I was supervising her violin homework (gosh I was a fabulous aunt because we all know a badly played violin is no one’s friend).  She was going wrong quite a bit and although I can’t play, I was trying to encourage her to keep trying by going over the bits she didn’t know (which was most of it) instead of speeding on ahead. But she got more and more stressed because she wanted to be able to pick up the violin and just be able to play it. I tried to explain to her that we can’t all be great at things right from the start, that there's a reason we need teachers. But she couldn’t hear me and got so stressed we had to stop (before I damaged said violin or niece).

And we do that even if it prevents our progression. We wait for perfection before we start anything. So we don’t start anything.  A healthier approach is to be okay with okay and, as Maya Angelou said, when we know better, we will do better.

 I did it, and all the things I could have done better, I will do better as I get more confident. And apart from all the other things I’ve said I had fun.


Day 1 done!








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