The Soundtrack to My Life No 6: Mind Blowing Decisons

1978. Lagos Nigeria

Mind Blowing Decisions

Mind blowing decisions.jpg

Teenage years

 Mills and Boon or James Hadley Chase?

Homework or have a nap?

Arts or Sciences?

 Parties where the boys would stand at one end and the girls another.

‘Excuse me, dance,’ he would say.

Mind Blowing Decisions

Yes or No.

She declines with a shrug of her shoulder.

It was a gamble.

Love letters that were

SWALK (Sealed With a Loving Kiss) declaring the

HOLLAND (Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies).

 Mind Blowing Decisions.

A song about a man trying to make a life changing decision about his life. For us teenagers at the time the biggest decision was whether it was appropriate to wear an outfit that everyone had seen once before.

Mind Blowing Midlife Decisions

·        live true to my authentic self or keep living for others and pretend I’m happy

·        create that life I’ve been wanting to live since I was 20 or keep on with a life that is sapping my energy

·        finally start that business or give up on that idea

·        retire early and spend my later years travelling or keep doing what I love


Or is it too late.

As they say in the song

If you think long you think wrong so don’t think too long.

Don’t over think,  just go for it.

Taiwo Dayo-PayneComment