The Soundtrack to My Life No 5: Prince Charming

Prince Charming! Prince Charming! Ridicule is nothing to be scared of!

Prince Charming.jpg

For those of us who were beginning our journey into adulthood, this anthem called us to be who we were without fear of what others might think. The video, shows Adam, (of the Ants) playing Cinderella and getting his chance to go to the ball. 

Is that what Cinderella is really about?

In our teenage years we feel like the poor relation, unsure of who we are, letting ourselves be bullied by the Ugly Sisters of the world outside. Then we flower, we get to go to the ball, meet our Prince Charming (or not),

 have fun (or not),

make our mark (or not) until midnight (or midlife) when we become inconsequential again. When we are no longer seen, because we’re considered old, because we think it’s too late for the potential we felt as a young adult and we slowly start to dim our own light.

This song is one of my favourites of its time. It was released just about the time I was trying to figure out how to get my parents to let me go to drama school and be an actor instead of going to university to do some sciencey subject. They let me go to drama school and I was an actress – for a while.

This song reminds me of how brave I used to be and how I listened to more to my heart and worried about what others had to say, and it reminds me that I can continue to listen to my heart and not worry about what others have to say – ridicule is nothing to be scared of, because one really cares.

Taiwo Dayo-PayneComment