66 Days in the 5am Club part 2

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In June I announced I was to be come a member of the 5am Club. (See 66 Days in the 5am Club)

To refresh your memory the 5am Club is an idea created by Robin Sharma. Where you wake up at 5am and spend 20 minutes moving (exercise), 20 minutes reflecting and 20 minutes on personal growth. The aim is to try and maintain it for 66 days.

Come Sunday I will have been doing this for 90 days.

 I’ll be honest, after the first couple of weeks I ditched the early morning exercise so as not to wake the rest of the household but now I do 20mins of yoga. And occasionally I would wake up, lie there planning my day and find I had nabbed another hour of sleep.

But by and large it’s been a success and I really love getting up early. 

I realise though, that the challenge has only just begun; the days are getting shorter and 5am now looks and feels like the middle of the night.

There are all sorts of theories as to how long it takes to form a habit. But you have to want to maintain that habit it takes:

1.      Consistency

2.      Discipline

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3.      Commitment.

The cold mornings are difficult so like Mel Robbins recommends, I countdown from 5 and leap out of bed.

I think it has become a habit.

I think.

How many days do you think it takes to learn a new habit?




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