Body Talk

While I was washing my face this morning I noticed a spot on the left-hand side of my face, just above the jawline.

The place I get a spot when I’ve been naughty.

A ‘you’ve been eating ice cream,’ spot.

I know this is right because

a)      I did have an ice cream yesterday

b)     My body talks to me and never lies


Up until last year I wasn’t really one for red meat. I would eat it if I was out and it was all that was available but I didn’t buy it or cook it in the house. When I did eat red meat, a spot would appear just below my right eye and it would be really sore. So you could say that red meat was a sore spot for me (arf, arf).

It makes me itch

I haven’t eaten bread for over a year now and if I tried it today I would end up with an itchy left hand. Not a spot on my hand but the whole hand would itch. I really miss bread, especially the white, Farmhouse loaf, freshly baked with lashings of butter…

Sorry I wandered off in my head for a moment there. I miss bread but I don’t eat it anymore.

I did eat baguette (I know, it’s bread) in France at Christmas because I needed something bulky. It didn’t make me itch.

What also gets me scratching is if I eat dried fruit that contain sulphites, which is why I started dehydrating my own bananas and raisins.


You can heal your life.PNG

Around 25 years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Louise L Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life. A book that links physical ailments to emotional stress and provides affirmations to try and deal with the emotion. Some people have interpreted her book to mean people are blamed for their ailments but for me, I see it as a tool I can use to shed light on where my thinking, my mindset may be a bit off. So if I’m not feeling well, or there’s pain in a part of my body I look it up and I would say it’s always been spot on.

Sometimes my coach will ask me where I’m feeling something in my body and we explore that. Only last year while I was working in environment I had this strange sensation that I described as having a cold in my stomach. It wasn’t until I was out of that situation that I realised that I was experiencing high anxiety about something going on there. I was able to identify the cause and deal with it in my coaching.

Our bodies talk to us in different ways. We know when we’re in danger because ‘our hackles rise’ – whatever that means for you. We get headaches when we’re stressed and there some people who can predict the weather because of the way it affects their joints.

There was one time that I didn’t listen. It was about 15 years ago, I was 40 and in a stressful job. I would get headaches just above my left eye that were immune to painkillers and lingered for days. My heart would race when I saw an email alert slide along my computer screen and I was getting pins and needles in my hands. I took it to mean I was stressed and did nothing about it until a routine check-up at my new Drs surgery showed that I had very high blood pressure and was on my way to a stroke.


So listen to your body. Not every twinge is going to lead to a serious condition, and not every cold is about your emotional unease. But if something is happening in your body then ask yourself the following questions:

What have I done differently in the last few days/weeks?

How am I sleeping?

Did I eat something new?

Am I doing a new form of exercise?

What am I thinking about?

Am I worrying?

Are there recurring thoughts?

The answer to those questions might help, but if they don’t then talk to someone. Your doctor, your coach, your therapist or even a trusted friend.

Talk to someone.


That’s what I feel like saying.


What do you feel like saying?



Comment in the box below.





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