26th March 2017 - Happy Mother's Day

I'd like to tell you a story.

A story about woman. An ordinary woman, living in the 70s;

a nurse;

a mother of 5.

At 45 she was unable to get a mortgage, because in those days a woman couldn’t get a mortgage so the family home was lost.

In her late 50s she bought her first property, it was here in the UK. She bought a property in Lagos where she lived for half of the year and owned land in an up and coming area in Lagos.

At 68 she sold her UK property and lived the rest of her life financially free. She earned a small passive income by setting up an internet café and business centre where she lived and owned a large number of stocks and shares.

She died aged 74 in Senegal, a place she had always wanted to visit – happy, living a part of her dream.

Before she died she intended to start running classes to teach older people in Lagos how to use the Internet.Without words, she told me that I would succeed at whatever I set my mind to. I just had to set my mind to it.

Without words, she showed me that mid-life is definitely a new beginning and NOT the beginning of the end.

Without words, she tried to remind me to take advantage of ALL the opportunities I had, and not to waste them.

Her actions embodied the idea that it’s never too late – to do anything.

That woman was my mother.


An inspiration to me.


A role model.


I love her.


I miss her.


They say I’m a bit like her


Oh God, I hope so.



Taiwo Dayo-PayneComment