13th March 2017: Insta - Whaaat?



I had no intention of posting anything today and here I am.




Nearly a year ago a friend of mine convinced me to download the Instagram App. I did and it has sat on my phone ever since.


Until yesterday.



Yesterday I decided that I would start posting my blog entries on Instagram so I went back into the app and did a couple of housekeeping bits like setting a user name and putting in a picture (I’m yet to do my bio). Then it asked something about linking up with my Facebook and I said yes (even though I don’t know what that means) and since then I’ve been getting notifications that people who I didn’t invite have accepted my invitation to follow me.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have those followers, I just don’t know how I invited them. It must be an automatic thing. But the idea is to get people to follow you right?



The other thing is I’ve linked my Instagram to my blog – I think. But I don’t know how to post from the blog to Instagram.


Do I post this to the website and hope it links up with Instagram? Or do I post it to Instagram and hope for the best it will automatically find its way to the blog?

 I know, I’ll post it to both.



 Social Media.


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