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Janine Cummings: Founder of the BossItLive Tribe

Janine Cummings: Founder of the BossItLive Tribe

Do you have something you really want to do but you stop yourself for all sort of reasons which at the end of the day boil down to fear?

Just nod your head because we all have something. It may not be a permanent fear and it may be something that practice will help but there will be something.

For me, in recent times, it’s been live streaming, Facebook Live streaming (for the most part), which has been a problem because one of my goals for 2017 was to get a vlog going.

My first Facebook Live Broadcast: January 2017

My first Facebook Live Broadcast: January 2017

I did my first live stream as part of my 50-day challenge earlier this year (see www.thenew5ifty.com/everydayfor50days) and my second on day 50 of the challenge. Then sometime in March I came across a young woman by the name of Janine Cummings, a social media influencer who grew a 23,000-strong following on Periscope (what’s that?) and a Facebook Group of over 5000 members in just 2 years.

In March/April I participated in a challenge she ran called the #WOWGoLivein5 which involved going live on my personal page each day for 10 minutes and answering a question of the day. I really enjoyed it.

 Did that inspire me to go live more often? No.

 I continued to follow everything Janine did and then, when, a few months later, she created a membership group called the BossItLive Tribe I paid up and joined.

The BossItLive Tribe is a community for women entrepreneurs who are looking to get serious about using social media, particularly live streaming, as one of the tools to grow their business. I was one of the early adopters and at the time of joining wasn’t very clear about what I wanted from the group.

Before I tell you where I am, let me paint a little picture of where I was.

Every Day for 50 Days - Day 50 - live on Facebook

Every Day for 50 Days - Day 50 - live on Facebook

Last year, I was told that I should be posting videos each day showing what it means to be the New 5ifty. I remember the blood rushing down from my face at the thought. But the person who told me this, a business mentor, was trying to say that my personality would be a good vehicle to convey the messages I’m seeking to share.  I wanted The New 5ifty to have a vlog where I could post videos giving tips and advice on midlife issues, interview people who had done interesting things in their fifties and interview experts on health and lifestyle-like things.  So what this mentor was saying made a lot of sense.

Why then was I hesitating? Well simply put I’m an introvert and quite shy so the thought of putting myself out there in that way was definitely in the outer rim (and beyond) of my comfort zone. The other reason I hesitated was my concern of what others would think of my videos; of the quality, of the content and of how I came across.

This time last year I did a workshop on using video to market yourself and your business and it was there I heard the magic words

“You don’t have to be perfect the first time and you probably won’t be great the first 30 times but you will improve.”

And that seemed to release a little of the blockage. Between November and December last year I travelled quite a bit and posted several videos of my experiences on my personal Facebook page. Earlier this year I created a YouTube channel, I didn’t really draw attention to it, and used it to host videos to post on my blog.

But live streaming is a different beast, a scarier beast and so we are back to the BossItLive Tribe.

Like I said, I wasn’t clear about what I wanted when I joined so I spent the first couple of months observing activity in the group. Watching Janine’s informative live streams regularly and other group members’ streams more sporadically, I noticed that as well as the teaching there were opportunities to go live in the group AND before her 5000-strong audience. I went live a couple of times in the membership group and finally in September I took the opportunity to be featured in the wider group, only me posting live all day before a potential audience of 5000 people. I had a blast.

Did that inspire me to go live on my own page more often? No. I still hesitated.

WOW Go Live in 5 Challenge: Day 5

WOW Go Live in 5 Challenge: Day 5

I did go live on my business page for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I was terrible. I was so nervous and I tried it in an unfamiliar environment with sketchy Wi-Fi. I went live again on the page last week but didn’t really stay on long enough for anyone to watch.

When I was a stage actor I would ask family and friends not to sit in the front rows so that I couldn’t see them and when I did my first service as a lay preacher, I banned the family from attending because I get more nervous in front of people I know than I do with strangers. And I think that has been my issue with streaming on my business page. A lot of the people who will watch know me – silly I know.

I’m no longer worried about going live in the BossitLive tribe, even though I know these women (some I’ve met in person) and even though the community is growing daily. We are doing the same thing, we are all looking to improve our skills as live streamers, so the nerves have subsided because Janine has cultivated a safe environment where we all have each other’s back and feedback is only ever constructive. In addition to all of this, there is weekly training, challenges and an expert comes in once a month.

I write this not to plug the group, but to stress the point that when you want to stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone it’s important to be around people who want similar things or who understand what you want and understand your challenges because they have or are experiencing the same.

Featured Host to a community of 5000 members

Featured Host to a community of 5000 members

A couple of days ago I joined a 30-day challenge within the BossItLive tribe. A challenge to show up for my business daily.  Because it’s my full-time job and because I work with a business coach I wanted to pick something for the challenge that reflected what I needed from the community. So I decided to go live daily on Periscope a platform that can be very scary because there’s a troll patrol.

Today is day 3 and I have gone on each day.  I have had trolls but not too many, and I’ve only had to block one person who was a bit disrespectful about a viewer’s ‘Mama’.

But more importantly, I went live on my business page today and the nerves were not so bad because I am no longer so bothered about what people think. And I believe it’s come as a result of my time in the BossItLive Tribe.

Oh yes and The New 50 tv, my YouTube channel will be launching in the next few weeks.


If you have any challenges or dreams and you need some support (or championing) to help you get there then sign up for a free consultation here https://www.thenew5ifty.com/free-consultation-1/

If you are interested in expanding your social media presence and influence through video or live streaming and would like to find out more about the BossItLive tribe then you can contact Janine Cummings at http://janinecummings.tv/bossitlive



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