A Final Push

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Last week I was working and had the telly on as background noise. I wasn’t paying attention until I heard the tinkly music, the male fatherly voice and the sound of children’s laughter. It was my first Christmas advert this year and it seemed too soon – I still saw pumpkins outside people’s homes and my ears were still ringing from the fireworks that started in the middle of October so how could they be advertising Christmas?






My concern wasn’t because it meant the madness was starting, the cards, the present buying, ‘Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ playing more or less on a loop in the background of our lives, no none of that bothered me.  My main concern was the fact that it meant we’re coming to the end of the year and I still had somethings I wanted to achieve this year. A couple of goals, mainly around my business that I hadn’t got anywhere near making and I started to panic.  Actually, not panic I started getting down on myself, you know,

The Negative Self-Talk

The Self Name Calling


And then, just before I began the pronouncements of doom and gloom, the predictions that my life was over it struck me


There’s still another 7 weeks left of 2017. Well 6 weeks now.


What is it with us that as soon as November hits we start to act as though the year is over. We more or less write off the final 61 days of the year. If you were going to die in 61 days would you roll over and give up or would you ramp up the living, and do everything you possibly could, everything you’ve ever wanted to do or as much as you could in those 61 days.

Wouldn’t you?


Well I’d like to think I would.


I’m not a sports lover but I’ve watched runners and noticed that they work harder the nearer they get to the finishing line. Relay teams LEAVE THEIR BEST RUNNERS TILL THE LAST because they will get the team across that line.

We’ve got 6 weeks left of this year so why not give our goals and outcomes ONE FINAL PUSH


So, I decided that I would use the remainder of the year to try as hard as I can to achieve the outcomes I haven’t and even if I don’t achieve them then at least I’ve made a head start for the new year.


Click here, if you’re with me.



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