Part 6 - Crossing the Threshold: the beginning

So you’ve heard the call.

Part 6 - Crossing the Threshold.jpg

You say no

Then you say yes

Then you say no

Then you say yes one more time.

And this time you mean it.


You’ve had enough of the way things were.

You’re sick of dreaming of how things can be.

You’re ready to make it happen.


You say ‘no more of the old,’

You welcome the new


You walk to the line and turn around to look at what you’re leaving behind.





And more.


Until you raise your foot and put it down the other side of the line. You raise the other foot and bring it down to join the first.


You have crossed the threshold.

It’s now behind you. The familiar, the soothing, the routine, your comfort zone. You stop and take a breath.


‘It’s done, it’s finished,’ you say, relieved.


Except it's not, it’s only the beginning…