Part 4 - Supernatural Aid or Meeting the Mentor #II

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This time last week I was at the Excel Centre at day 1 of Tony Robbins’ Signature event Unleash the Power Within (UPW).

I wouldn’t necessarily say I was fan of Mr Robbins, but I knew who he was; I read his book Awaken the Giant Within many many years ago, I’d listened to and watched him on YouTube and I liked what he had to say. I watched his documentary, I Am Not Your Guru and my interest was piqued. I knew several people who had attended UPW and they all said it was amazing.

So I was excited when I got a couple of tickets for the event.

My feet after the Firewalk

My feet after the Firewalk

This time last week I was preparing to walk on red hot coals that were burning at 1,200 degrees.  Or should I say this time last week Tony Robbins was preparing me and 12,999 other people to walk across hot coals and prepare us he did. He believes (and now so do I) that you can achieve anything if you are in the right state, what he calls a Peak State, where you are laser focused on what you need to do and where you are aware of the dangers. If you’re in the right state, then you can overcome your fears and achieve almost anything. He never once led us to believe this was anything but dangerous and drilled us through the process we had to go through to do the walk without getting burned.

I’m not going to go into the detail of what he did, but I followed his instructions and walked across those coals like I was walking across a lawn, it was that easy. I thought I would feel the heat on my soles and I didn’t. I thought I would be scared as I approached the coals, I wasn’t. The next day I even questioned whether the coals were really hot but I know they were, I saw them.

So last week I walked on red hot coals.

And that was just day one.

And I knew that something magical was happening within me.

Meeting with the Mentor

I used to be a Star Wars fan. And I remember where, in order for Luke Skywalker to take up his role as a Jedi knight he goes through extensive training with the wise Yoda. Luke has an attitude which more or less says he doesn’t really need the training, that he has all he needs to fight the dreaded Empire. Yoda recognises the same pride that existed in Darth Vader when he was a young Jedi Knight (I won’t say his real name in case you’re yet to watch the films). Yoda’s role is to teach Luke to overcome his pride, his impatience and impulsiveness because Yoda knows that Darth Vader will use those weaknesses against Luke when they inevitably meet.

Photo Source: Wookipedia - Fandom

Photo Source: Wookipedia - Fandom

We too need help to increase awareness of how our weaknesses can overcome us, or work against us and we need someone to help us find a way to master the qualities that may prevent our progress.

This stage of the Hero’s Journey is where we meet our Yoda in whatever form we need at the time. As they say, when the student if ready, the teacher appears and this. And sometimes the student doesn’t know that they are ready or what they are ready for.




Do you ever get to point where you are sick of yourself and your habits and behaviours? You know, the ones that hold you back and in pain?


 I have a tendency to leave things till I absolutely have to do them. Some of that is procrastination, some of that is a lack of clarity or overwhelm but a little of that is because I know, like with my writing, that I don’t need a lot of time to complete a piece and that, for the most part the fact that I’m not physically writing or I’m not thinking about what I’m supposed to be writing doesn’t mean I’m not writing – if you know what I mean.

And a couple of weeks before UPW, when I realised I had started my fundraising for Kilimanjaro a bit late, I also realised that I was now sick of feeling the way I do when my back is to the wall. And I resolved to let go of my need to do that and any beliefs that may support that habit.

And with Tony Robbins’ help I was given the opportunity to do just that.

By the end of the 4 day event I had changed several of my beliefs about myself (including the belief that I need to leave things till the last minute), and some beliefs about others. I came away from the event feeling like I had healed some of my self-inflicted wounds and able to face my current challenges stronger and with a more positive attitude.

 I remember a scene in Star Wars (I’m not sure it’s an accurate recollection) where Yoda was trying to get Luke to pick up the light saber just using his mind. He got him to keep on and on and on until he finally succeeded and I remember Luke’s face when he achieved it and that was how I felt by the end of it all. I had a cold but I felt like it was cleansing me, flushing out the toxic thoughts and beliefs from my system because even at its worst I seemed to have more energy than before I attended the Tony Robbins event.

His fans call it ‘The Tony Flu’

So he may not be my Guru, but Tony Robbins was definitely a mentor for me last weekend. He has helped me to let go of old stuff in order for me to step and be me, the real me, not the me that I allowed myself to become. I’m yet to see the bigger impact this has on me and my life and I know that in time and with some processing, it will become apparent.

To be continued…


Do you find yourself compelled to do something; to follow a particular course or make a decision that will change the direction of your life, or the way you live your life forever?

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