Part 3 - Supernatural Aid or Meeting the Mentor #I

Photo source: Neko Design

Photo source: Neko Design

One of the main reasons we back off from answering an inner yearning or pursuing a desired outcome is that we think we have to do it on our own and we overwhelm ourselves with the enormity of the task instead of taking one step at a time. There’s nothing wrong with thinking big – it spurs you on to do the ‘big’ work, but it becomes a problem when we are so invested in the outcome  that we consider anything less a mistake or failure. We fear making mistakes and/or failing instead of understanding that mistakes and failure serve a purpose and that purpose is improvement. In order to improve we have to allow ourselves to learn from those mistakes, as each lesson learned equips us to move along the journey with new information and new tools.  We get overwhelmed when we think we have to navigate those mistakes and figure out that learning alone, with no help.

The next stage of the Hero’s Journey is called Supernatural Aid, or Meeting with a Mentor.  The Hero has answered the Call to Adventure and needs to prepare the box of tools, literal or metaphorical that will see them through the journey.  It could be where something or someone happens that acts as a catalyst for change and propels you firmly down the road you’re going to find yourself travelling down. The help may come in the form of a teacher or mentor which can be someone you know or someone you follow on TV or social media or even someone whose books speak to you and encourage you. Or it may come in the form of a series of events that take you along an unexpected course, a course that leads you closer to who you truly are and the life you truly want to create.

This can be harder in midlife. We have reached a time in our life when we believe we should be at a particular place in our lives and if we’re not there we lose confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Our bodies and society are telling us one thing and our minds something else and trying to navigate the transition can be scary - not just for us but for the people around us too, who, not understanding what is going on tell us that we’re in ‘crisis’.

Photo Source Life Mastery Institute

Photo Source Life Mastery Institute

The thing about a call to adventure is sometimes you don’t even know where you’re being called to go. And sometimes you may not even realise that you’re being called because the feeling doesn’t come from within you – or it does but you didn’t realise that was where the calling was taking you. So you’re ‘called’ to apply for a job and you apply and you get the job, little realising that the job is only the beginning of your response – for instance.

This stage in the (Midlife) Hero’s Journey is about being open. Open to whatever comes, going with the flow, letting go of the outcome. And more than being open it’s about being present, being in the moment and allowing ‘nature’ to take its course. Being willing to not know, to not understand.

Little did I know nearly 3 years ago, sitting in that room at the Excel Centre that the Train the Trainer course I was on would catapult me out of the smallness of the life I had planned for myself and into a larger, worldwide arena. I didn’t know as I sat down to listen to a trainer, @Blair Singer I’d not heard of before signing on to that course, that less than 36 months later I would have travelled to Asia 3 times, taken a selfie at the Grand Canyon, run 2 seminars in Lagos, Nigeria or developed and run an online 5 day Micro Challenge - twice. I definitely didn’t think that I would find myself with a You Tube channel, or streaming live on Social Media, or - of my own free will - joining a group to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

If I hadn’t done the Money Mentoring Course (another story for another post) I wouldn’t have met Paula. And if I hadn’t met Paula then I wouldn’t have gone to the National Achievers Congress and if I hadn’t gone to the NAC I wouldn’t have gone to the Millionaire Mind Intensive and if I hadn’t gone to the MMI  I wouldn’t have signed up for the Train the Trainer and I wouldn’t have seen the video about Kilimanjaro and I wouldn’t have continued to work with Blair Singer and I wouldn’t have

and I wouldn’t have,

 and I wouldn’t have.


To be continued…


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