Day 32: Give Yourself a Break

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Last year I did a 50-day challenge. I was consistent about writing it up each day before I went to bed. It was relatively easy.

This year it’s proved harder to write consistently each day and I don’t know whether I was more organised last year or there just hasn’t been much to say.

To be honest life just got very hectic in the last couple of weeks because of competing priorities, Some self-imposed. And now I’ve come out the other end, the big lesson for me is to be brave enough to say, ‘A can wait until that is completed’. In other words, to just give myself a break.

Are you tempted to give yourself a hard time about something? Why not take the lesson and give yourself a break?

As for my wins.

This week I did my first webinar and downsized my possessions to less than half, and I come to Friday feeling like I’m embarking on a new beginning.

I will have to do a bit of work over the weekend, but it won’t be frenetic and I won’t feel like I’m doing it because I have to, because I want to.

And that’s a nice place to be.

It’s Friday.

Celebrate your wins.




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