Day 50 : Nailed It!

The 50-day project is done.



I did something each day for the 50 days

and wrote about it most days.


I recorded a few videos

and posted them in my group.


I designed my Bitmoji avatar

and used Canva to create thumbnails.


On the last day


I walked the streets

and knocked on a few doors.


People were kind

and let me in.


Might try a bit more of that…



I understand what works better where

and where not to post.


I got ideas for what to do next

and what not to ever do again.


50 days is a long time

but it feels like a minute when you’re having fun,

when you’re doing something you enjoy,

something you’re committed to.


People read my posts

and keep quiet in the background.


I know they enjoy them though

and come back for more.


Thanks for reading…

and thanks for liking

and thanks to those who left a comment.


The project is done

and I’ve learned a lot.


I will go away and process

and then I’ll share.


Nailed it.




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