Day 49: And Now the End is Near...

Day 49 Website.JPG

…and so I face the final curtain.

Day 49 of this 50-day project to increase my visibility and I realise what a great achievement it was to complete the original Every Day for 50 Days. When I did that I consistently tried something each day for those 50 days, and not only that, I wrote each day up and apart from one occasion, I posted each day as well.

 Because I missed days out, it seems that I’m ending a couple of days late and I should have finished yesterday.

 Since the original Every Day for 50 Days, I’ve tried another two 50-day projects (including this one) and haven’t managed them same level of consistency. Partly because, where possible, I wanted to keep the weekends free from work, partly because life took over in the form of other legitimate priorities and partly because some days there was just nothing to say.

 50 days is a long time to keep something like this going and interesting (I hope it has been interesting for you) and if I thought about that before I started I wouldn’t start. But having done something like this before I was able to take each day as it came and allowing that day to tell me what to write about.

 And that’s the way to approach any project, or task, whether or not we know how long it will take. One of my teachers, Blair Singer always emphasises the importance of taking things one step at a time and he’s right. We too often overwhelm ourselves with the enormity of getting to the outcome we’re seeking instead of focusing at the task at hand. Taking one step at a time means that we can see the points of rest, the points where we have to take a step back or even 2. And that’s okay.

Isn’t it?


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