Day 44: One Last Question

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Last month we lost 2 older members of the family. One on each side (Mother’s and Father’s). They weren’t young and we now find ourselves the older generation because none of my Father’s siblings are left (my Father passed nearly 18 years ago). On my Mother’s side we still have two Uncles, my Mother and her sisters are gone.

As I was going into menopause, by which I mean when the hot flashes started, I wished I had thought to ask Mum what it was like for her, so I that I could be a little prepared (well that’s my theory).

Now that my Uncle and Aunt are gone it’s dawning on us that we need to know things from the ones that are left; about our family tree, things we should know to pass on to the next generation or even just things to help us make our way through the next phase of our lives.

If you had the chance to ask a parent or grandparent one last question - what would it be?

Taiwo Dayo-PayneComment