Day 42: Who Do You Think You Are? (2)

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Last week I invited you to use 3 words to describe me. Thanks so much to the 7 people who rose to the challenge. All except one of you has never met me in person.

The idea for this little project came, like I said last week, following my friend’s experience with her photos where no 2 people had the same favourite (fewer people than photos). In this instance, there were no such restrictions, you were free to choose whatever adjectives you wanted.

One word, brave was used twice, no other word was duplicated. These are words you chose:

Brave woman (2)                      Insightful Writer                       Intelligent

Proactive                                  Genuine                                   Questing

Creative                                    Inspiring                                   Interesting

Strong                                      Confident                                 Proud

Present                                     Engaged                                   Alive

Thinker                                    Humorous                                Kind

Captivating                               Empowering


Thank you so much to the people who took the time to play along.

I guess the object of the exercise was to get a sense of how I come across. As this clearly shows all of that is subjective.

I will take all those descriptions and more. I see me in all of them.

I guess the moral of the story is not to box ourselves in. We can’t be everything to everyone, but we can be something, which may be different for different people. So, the important thing is to remain true to yourself, to stand firm in your power and let yourself be seen and you will be seen.

Taiwo Dayo-PayneComment