Day 5: Celebrate!

Celebrate All Wins!

Celebrate All Wins!

As a Blair Singer Certified Trainer and Facilitator, I’m signed up to a Code of Honour that says I will celebrate all wins.  All wins and all learnings, because as Blair teaches us it’s not always about hitting the goal, sometimes it’s the lessons we learn on the way that really matter.

To that end at the end of each day I note down at least 5 wins. They may be work related or something I’ve done in my day that has moved me forward as a human being, be it health, fitness, understanding, emotionally etc. But each day I note 5 things. They are not measured by anyone else, they are what I consider to be wins.

Yesterday my sister and I had a bit of a laugh because I was so excited by an email response I received from I had sent a proposal to. It wasn’t a yes, but it wasn’t a no, in fact, it included an opportunity to take the conversation further in a couple of months. If you heard me telling my sister you would have thought I had been offered a lucrative contract. We laughed, and she said (and I’m paraphrasing)

‘It makes sense in your context.’

 In other words, it’s all relative.

Sometimes, when I tell people I used to be an actor, they will say

‘Have you been in anything I would have seen?’

Years ago, I would bristle at that question because I thought they were using it as a measure of how successful or ‘famous’ I was. They may have been thinking that, and they may not but one of the good things about middle age is that I no longer concern myself with what they do or don’t mean and usually just say,

‘I don’t know what you watch so I don’t know,’ or something.

And it’s easy for me to remain unconcerned because I know what success means to me and to me I was successful. To say otherwise would be to dismiss all those directors that offered me fantastic opportunities and those writers who wrote amazing parts for me to bring to life.

So our wins are relative.

For someone who isn’t a morning person, getting up early may be a win. For someone who is always late, being on time may be a win.  The person who gets shortlisted for a job might feel a winner while to someone else the win may be just getting the application form in.

So at the end of each day I write down 5 wins and guess what that means?

At the end of each working week, by Friday, I have at least 25 wins!

So it’s time to celebrate!

And reward myself.

This week it’s an Almond Magnum. How will you reward yourself? Let me know in the comments.






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