Day 4: Is it Friday yet?

Day 4.JPG


No it’s Thursday.

Last night I got home late. Very late and when I got home I had to have something to eat. By the time I got home late and had something to eat and got to bed it was 1am. 

Over the last week or so I’ve been in bed by about 10.45 with lights out at around 11.30. I’m very lucky that I now seem to fall to sleep more or less as my head touches the pillow. So last night was way, way past my bedtime and I’m fairly certain that I was asleep before I even crawled onto the bed.

The knock-on effect of that late finish was that I woke up a couple of hours later than usual this morning; very hot and very sluggish and all I really wanted to do was go back to bed.

For the first time in I don’t know how long I actually wished it were Friday.

But the good thing about understanding your ‘Why’, which I’ll talk about in greater detail another time, is that it doesn’t take too much to remind you of your passion, which then helps in bringing the mojo back.  Today it was a conversation with a Clearing practitioner (a form of coaching to you). It was an intense conversation – in a good way. That, and hunger left me a little wiped out.

The Clearing session was sandwiched between the morning which was spent writing and posting my Day 3 blog on the relevant social media platforms, which I need to do each day.( I got back too late to write it last night)  And the afternoon after a late lunch (my lunches are always late) and a late walk I was able to attend to emails, send some off information that had been requested and discover that I’m not registered to deal with VAT online.


The point I guess I’m trying to make is that some days it can feel like you’re walking through sludge and everything is in slow motion. For me it was a bit worse because we’re getting to the end of the week and I was beginning to reflect on whether or not I had progressed. It’s generally not a good idea to reflect through sludge-tinted glasses. Not only is your vision completely obscured, your body can’t connect with reality, which can further depress your mood and make you even less effective. Tony Robbins has a solution for that – change your state, which is why, after my walk I was able to come back and get on with what I needed to do and strike a couple of tasks off my list.

How do you turn around what feels like it’s going to be a crappy day? Let me know in the comments.


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