Day 3: Go Team!

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One of the key things I’ve learned over the past 3 years is the importance of having the right people around you. Jim Rohn said we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. So what ever it is you embark on, whether it’s your business and career, or your friends and family you need to make sure you’re spending a large chunk of your time with people who are going to support and encourage you.

I often hear people (especially entrepreneurs) complaining that their families or friends don’t support what they are doing and my response is that it isn’t their job to do that. A lot of the time, their advice may not be objective because there is an emotional attachment to you - whether it’s positive or negative. And sometimes the response we are seeking is approval – which doesn’t grow us or help us take the step we need to take.

That’s not to say you become estranged from the people that don’t, but keep them out of the aspects of your business that don’t concern them. Nor is it to say that you surround yourself with ‘yes people’. Support and encouragement can also come in the form of:

·        constructive criticism,

·        challenging you to do your best

·        cheering you as you take action

·        commiserating when things don’t go so well

·        coaching you to identify any learning that will help you get a different outcome the next time

Me, Alan and Barbara (taken last year)

Me, Alan and Barbara (taken last year)

I’m lucky to be part of a global tribe of facilitators and trainers through the Blair Singer Training Academy and I spent a large chunk of yesterday first with my accountability buddy (I’ll say a bit more about her in a future post), and later in the day with Alan P Hill, who I met nearly 3 years ago at a Train the Trainer programme delivered by Blair and who, with his wife Barbara (who is also a trainer), is doing amazing things, having just come from what became a nearly 2 ½ year travel around the world, delivering training  on 5 different continents .

But it wasn’t just a catch up, I attended a taster session for a 10-week course he’s delivering called Awakening Your Financial Genius which was developed by Blair Singer and Robert Kyosaki and is designed to help people learn how to become financially free, using, among other tools, Kyosaki’s Cashflow Game.  These tools help you discover your mindset around money and in a safe environment, using the game, help you to understand who you authentically are around finances and as a consequence create the mindset that will help you achieve your financial goals. I certainly learned a lot last night and that was only the taster, I can only imagine how much my financial knowledge, and as a consequence my financial confidence will have grown in 10 weeks.

The great thing about having a tribe of people who get what you’re doing around you is that they get what you’re doing, and that can be very energising and if you can learn something new at the same time, then even better!

I would really appreciate your support and encouragement by commenting. If you have any ideas about how I can do something differently then I will be happy to hear them. Share the posts if they resonate or if you know of anyone who can relate.

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