Day 2: Let's Get Real


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Are you catching my drift? 

When I see headlines like these I often wonder what the starting point was, and did they really do it in the 3 months or 6 months they declared.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that they are making these figures up – these coaches probably did achieve those outcomes for themselves or their clients but is there maybe something more to the story than we’re being told?

For instance, if your starting point is £0 or in the red then is £1000 per month qualify as 1000% increase in revenue?

Maybe you can become a six-figure business in 6 months but what is the business you’re in and, again, what was your starting point.

Last year a coach was trying to get me to join his coaching group. My main concern was that the coaching pays for itself, i.e. I start seeing a return almost immediately. He was convinced that all I had to do was create an online course, charge a premium price for it and the clients would come rushing to my door. And I believed him. For a minute (well, not an actual minute and a bit longer than a minute), and although I didn’t signup with him in the end I did develop a free 5-day Micro Challenge which 4 people signed up for (but I don’t think any of them completed).

 What I learned (and what he didn’t tell me) was that in order to make the kind of return he was talking about, I would have to have a:

·        huge list of leads – which I didn’t have or

·        humungous marketing budget for and knowledge of Facebook advertising– which I didn’t have

So there were no conversions from that project which was very disappointing at the time but, when you think about it, getting 4 people (3 of whom we complete strangers) to sign up was not bad. I repeated it several months later and this time got 5 people, 1 of then has stayed with me.

I tell you this because like I said in the intro to this series, a lot of business writers, bloggers and vloggers talk about their progress from hindsight and I guess, like most difficult experiences, they’re too busy living it to bother documenting it so the pain of the struggle is viewed through the rose tint of having come out the other end.

To that end and in the interests of helping someone who reads this I will declare that I am starting this project more or less at zero.

Very low revenue, a Facebook group with a small number of members who watch my (inconsistent) videos and read my posts. There’s tiny bit of engagement.

My Facebook page has quite a few likes but very little engagement. My Instagram following goes up and down and engagement is also up and down. And LinkedIn, well…

I won’t go on. You’re getting the picture. The baseline is low, which is exciting because any progress I make is going to be a huge percentage, and now you will know what that means.

What’s Your starting point?



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