Day 28: Clutter


It’s been a few days.

Life has been pretty hectic this last week.

Day 28 - Website (2).JPG

Is that an excuse?

Yes, it probably is.

But I’m making no apologies.

Life happens.

But in this case it was happening in a tough but positive way.

3 years ago, I sold my flat and put my belongings in storage for what I thought would be a few weeks. I then attended a Train the Trainer seminar that changed the course of my life. I travelled a lot for a couple of years as I became certified as a Trainer and Facilitator and find myself where I am now, 3 years later with my belongings in storage that costs almost as much as my monthly rent. So I decided it was time to get rid of the things I haven’t used and don’t miss.

I gave a lot of things to charity shops, I gave a few big items to people who wanted them, and I threw as much stuff away. There were some documents that needed to have been thrown away within weeks of me moving and clothes that I should have long accepted that I would no longer get into.

All in all over the last couple of months I’ve managed to reduce the storage space by 50%. The things I gave away or threw away no longer serve me, nor do they reflect who I am now. It wasn’t easy, there was emotion, a lot of it subconscious emotion that I had to clear before I could start and that I had to clear before I finished.

That said, I got rid of them and feel like I’ve been released from a kind of prison. It may be that all that literal baggage was holding me back, or it may be that all that old ‘stuff’ was blocking my growth. I don’t know what it is but I really do feel like I’m breathing better now.

 Louise Hay said decluttering is like clearing out the closets of your mind and it feels like in reducing my belongings I’m clearing my mind of old thoughts and old attitudes.

So that done.

On to the next stage.