Day 23: Inner GPS

I was driving to a meeting a few days ago. The venue was somewhere I had been several times but not recently, so I set the Garmin Sat Nav, mainly so I didn’t have to stop and set it when I got stuck, which I thought would be about 5 minutes away from my destination.

Day 23 Website (2).JPG

The Sat Nav and I tend to have different ideas about the best route to take. I prefer to cut out busy traffic, but my Garmin seems to prefer the bus routes. That said, it tolerated my diversions up and down back roads and re calibrated itself.

Then Garmin wanted me to go left but I thought right was better, except this time there was no recalibration, I was being directed to go back the way I came. I continued to ignore the instructions until I looked at the estimated arrival time and saw I was more than 5 minutes off the original estimate. I had to concede that maybe I was wrong, and I was.  I turned back and got to my destination within 3 minutes, not on time as I would have been if I had taken the advice of the GPS.

And it got me to thinking about our own inner Garmin, our inner GPS, that voice that tells us which way to go. How often do we ignore its instructions, thinking we know best, usually so we don’t have to feel the discomfort vulnerability or delay or rejection?

It’s like that game, Simon Says, where you only move forward when Simon Says otherwise you take that step back. And while not following your inner GPS may not take you back it can certainly delay your progress.

Are you trying to achieve something and finding that nothing you do is working? That your actions are creating delays or producing nothing rather than moving you forward? It may be that you’re ignoring your inner GPS and taking yourself in a different direction, certain that you know a quicker or better route?  If this feels like you, then stop for a moment, take a breath and listen. And act on what you hear, not just once. Do it the next few times and see where that takes you. You may be pleasantly surprised.