Day 22 - Know, Like, Trust

Last weekend was difficult. There was bad news, there were tears and there was a fresh learning about the power of preparation, being around the right people and a new appreciation for the idea of ‘know, like, trust.’

Last weekend was difficult.

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As well as a coach and trainer I am a local preacher (not a minister) with the Methodist church and I take between 2 and 3 preaching appointments each quarter. Last Sunday I was supposed to lead the service at my home church but at the last minute, circumstances beyond my control meant that I had to pull out.

There was an order of service with hymns, the reference for the prayers and readings to be used and so the stewards took over the service and later on I got reports that the service ran smoothly and very well.

Over the last couple of days I’ve reflected on how that all went and I realised that I was able to hand over the service to the stewards because I knew it was in safe hands. I also learned the following lessons:

1.      The power of good preparation – The Methodist church likes the preachers to prepare their services in advance and work with an order of service. This gives the musician(s) time practice the hymns, the readers time to look at the passages they’re going read and the church time to do whatever they need to do (the church is the people not the building). The order of service had everything the stewards needed to lead the service and people fed back that although other people were delivering it, it was very clearly my service.

2.      The power of a having the right people around you – Like I said, I knew the service was in safe hands. I have been going to this church for several years now. I know the stewards and congregation well and they understand the context of my services, so it was easily transferable.

Learning for entrepreneurs

3.      The power of the ‘know, like and trust’ factor.  It can be really difficult when you’re starting out with your own business, especially when you’re using social media to generate leads and build your audience. It can be especially disheartening to work hard on blog post or video or live broadcast and you ask people to like share or comment and it doesn’t look like anyone is responding. They used to say that a person has to have at least 7 contacts with you before they buy your service. Now I hear business gurus saying it’s more like 16 or even 21. The fact is that we can’t expect people to just buy because we ask.

The service was in good hands and I knew it because I had observed the commitment of the stewards, their consistency, their willingness to do whatever it takes and in many ways they have shown their support of me as one the local preachers that serves them. It’s not that I’ve sat there thinking, ‘Hm this would be a good church to let down at the last minute (which is how I felt)’.


Instead, I was taking it all in on a subliminal level so that when it came to it I knew I could hand it over to them.  And that is what it may be like for potential clients. They watch you. They see how committed you are, how consistent you are, if you’re willing to take risks, how you serve them and add value to their lives. They don’t want you to be perfect, just to do what you need to do when you need to do it and do it consistently. They will watch you and listen to you and when they are ready they will take up your services.

It takes time, it’s slow initially yet, when it’s right your offering will connect at a moment that they are ready and willing because the know, like and trust factor is high, and you start working together.

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