Day 16: Zoom

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Last year, when I did the first round of Every Day for 50 Days the aim was to try something I had never done before each day for those 50 days. This project is different. As I said on the very first day it’s about being visible, about letting myself be seen instead of hiding away behind a blog post or inspirational quotes etc.

I’ve been posting videos and doing the odd live broadcast in my Facebook Group, Every Day for 50 Days, which you can access by clicking here, but I know there’s more I can be doing.

Since early last year I’ve had it on my list to do a webinar and for some reason I’ve been resisting it. The original intention was to use it as a way to develop interest for a seminar I was running in Lagos, Nigeria and I resisted.

When I think back it was a lot to do with the logistics.  I didn’t know how to use Webinar Jam or Go To Webinar and I got (and still get) overwhelmed with the idea of using them. I was also unsure about the content – or so I told myself. I’ve actually got the content so that isn’t true.

I don’t want to use age as an excuse, but I wonder whether that is playing a part in my resistance. I can’t cope with all these new and wonderful ways of doing things. A couple of weeks ago I raised a question in the Facebook groups I belong to and it was around whether or not we become more fearful in midlife, and I’m wondering whether it’s that we don’t become more fearful, but that our innate anxieties are magnified by the midlife transition process. Or is it that our innate fearlessness, the ability to act in spite of that fear is damped down by tiredness and hormones.  

 Last year, I learned how to create a website and blog. Could that be the extent of my technological advancement? I don’t think so. In the last year I also learned how to use the iMovie app on my phone to edit videos. All the videos on my YouTube channel where edited by me so I’m not tech averse. Last November I did a 5-day micro challenge which consisted of teaching live, daily in a Facebook group and when I say did, I mean that I led the challenge, I did the teaching, live daily, in a Facebook Group.   I am still capable of learning and trying new things.

What this does is to illustrate how deep-seated resistance can be. There’s something we want to do, and we find all sorts of reasons not to do it; some valid and some that really don’t make sense. The important thing may be to understand how it plays out for each of us, in that way we can decide as to whether we’re going to allow it to determine our actions (or inaction).

 One way I know my resistance manifests itself is by looking for the root cause and then hoping the answer will magically take the resistance away. Sure, we need to go through a process of understanding the resistance but that doesn’t mean we stand still. So, it doesn’t matter why I haven’t done a webinar in the past, what matters whether I’m going to continue to resist doing one in the future.

And of course, the answer is ‘No’.

Sometimes it’s in taking the action that the root cause shows itself. We can reason ourselves into action or inaction but when you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone it’s necessary to be what Alan C Walter calls unreasonable; to act in spite of what we think we know and to act in spite of what we think we can’t do.

So, on 31st July at 17.00 BST I’ll be doing my first ever webinar on Zoom. Click here to register

I’m excited.


Is there something you know you need to do and are strongly resisting? What would it feel like to take a step towards it?