Day 12: Celebrate - Again

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Another week has passed – it’s crazy how quickly the last 7 days have flown by.

Today is the first of many days that will be spent sorting through old stuff in storage.

Old stuff that, 3 years ago, I thought was so important to keep.

Old stuff that I haven’t given a second thought about in 3 years.

Old stuff that I no longer need.

And I have lots of stuff.

Today I ended up with 4 black dustbin bags full of clothes and bags of bedding and some kitchen things that can go to a charity shop.

And that’s only the beginning of a de-cluttering process that will take place over the next week or so.

I love the space that’s created by a good de-clutter. In this case it isn’t in my home, but I think de-cluttering also serves to clear your mind and the energy around you.

It’s the end of the week.

What clutter do you want to leave behind from this week? Let them go.

Have you noted your wins? Note your wins then


And don’t forget to  reward yourself






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