Day 9: Group Activity

I’m a member of several Facebook groups. More than I’m even aware of. Since Facebook has played with those ‘dreaded algorithms’ you don’t get to see every notification from every group you’re a part of -  unless, of course, you specifically set your notifications.

Day 9 Website (2).JPG

There is one group I’m a member of, whose name I won’t mention, that I do get notifications for. I don’t remember how I got on it nor do I remember why I joined the group. There are 180 or so members and activity is up and down. There’s probably an average of one post a week (by any member) and a small core group respond and chat.  I comment infrequently and only when I have something, hopefully of value, to say.

A couple of days ago someone wrote a post lamenting the lack of engagement in the group and suggesting that existing group is invited to opt in (in effect removing people who don’t). The idea is that a smaller group will have more engagement.

I’m not sure if that’s true. Like I said I’m a member of several groups and recently set up a group of my own which is still quite small.  My experience is there are those that observe, those that just ‘like’, those that comment every once in a while and those, usually a small percentage, that initiate discussions.

I too have got a bit preoccupied with the activity in one of my groups. I archived it because people didn’t seem to be engaging. And I archived it not because I felt I was wasting my time, but because I didn’t feel I was giving the right material to keep people engaged. By the time I got around to asking, they were mostly gone (it was a very tiny group), but a couple of women came along with me to my new group.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a video in another group I’m part of that led to a little discussion. That led to someone else posting a video that took the discussion in a new direction. A few days later someone asked a question and so on.

If it was a face to face meeting you wouldn’t necessarily expect everyone to talk to the main group, you circulate, you talk to people to see what you have in common and if you would like to connect further. So today I connected with someone who had commented on my most recent post.

Why her in particular?

Well I felt the conversation was getting a little personal and I wanted to check she was okay with continuing in the main group if she wasn’t then we could do so privately.

I think the secret to running a good group is try and give good content and the way to do that is to find out what people want.

But how can I do that if I don’t have people in my group?

Well I’m experimenting.

I’ll let you know how it goes…