Day 8: Values Added

There’s not much to say about today. I’m a member of the Board of Trustees for a children’s theatre company ( I worked with them early in a previous life) and I spent the day on an interview panel as we are recruiting a new Artistic Director. The outgoing AD who is retiring, is also a founder member of the company so it’s a massive change.

One of the questions was about how the prospective new AD would make their changes while keeping the continuity of the spirit of the organisation. It got me thinking about changes we make in life and what we let go of and what we hold on to. This is especially the case in midlife when we have had years to embed habits and behaviours which may or may no longer serve us.  How do we make those changes while retaining the essence of who we are?

I’m thinking this is where our values come in. Our values underpin the decisions we make. If you ask people they will tell you they have their values but don’t necessarily refer to them when they make decisions.

Our values change as we progress through life and if we are aware of them and consciously consider them as we make decisions then we are more likely to successfully achieve the outcome we are seeking.

When was the last time you explored your core values? Which ones have changed? How have they changed since you were a young adult? Why have they changed?

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