9th March 2017: Day 49 - The Road to Hell...

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


I woke up this morning with good intentions.


I intended to get a T-Shirt printed. Not just any old print, no, I was going to get my logo, The New 5ifty, printed on a T-shirt. I did my homework. I went into the shop some days ago, found out how much it would cost.




I found out how long it would take.




I made sure they would put the logo in the right place on the T-shirt.




Was it okay to save the logo on to a memory stick for them? Yes it was.




Did they have the right shades of green?



Uh no.


I’m not good with colours so I can’t tell you what shades of green are used on the logo but they aren’t army green nor are they a fluorescent green which are the options I was offered when I went into the shop earlier today, excited and ready.


I forgot about that bit, well not forgot, more like I assumed the shop would have a wide variety of colours and shades of green to choose from. They had neither. You know what they say about assuming.  I told the man I wanted to think about it but actually I knew that my first T-shirt had to look good. I had to be happy with it and if the colours aren’t right, then they’re not right.


So I went on to my writing workshop where I read a few excerpts of this blog. 


It was while we were in the pub afterwards that I got the idea of having a tattoo – not a real one. I mentioned that I’d thought about it but I just don’t like the permanence thing and someone suggested a henna tattoo, I could get one done in a regular tattoo studio and I thought


Yes, I can do that.


I googled the nearest one to where I was in Waterloo but that would have required me going across the bridge. So I googled studios in Elephant and Castle. I found one and set off to get my arm hennaed.


Should have phoned first. 


I got there and was told they only do the permanent kind. So off I trotted to the bus stop where I remembered there was a studio in West Norwood. This time I took the lesson. I googled them and called. They didn’t do henna tattoos.


I googled studios near where I live but realised they would be shut by the time I got there.

So not only did I learn the lesson, I got the message.


No tattoo, henna or otherwise.


I woke up this morning with an intention. To get a T-shirt printed and ended the day wandering around looking for a tattoo studio.  What is that? On the one hand you could argue that it demonstrates a tenacity, a determination to have something to write about today. Maybe that energy would have been better employed looking for an alternative T-shirt print shop?

What I didn’t see was that I already had the material for today’s blog. I wanted to have a T-shirt printed and decided not to in the end.


What’s wrong with that?




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