4th March 2017: Day 44 - Colour Me Full

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it but I hate mushrooms.  I hate the taste, the texture, everything about them.  It’s a problem because a lot of people love mushrooms and I go to the homes of people that love mushrooms and I have to remember to tell my host(ess) that I don’t eat mushrooms or I will find myself politely picking them out of my food or even worse confronted with mushroom soup or sauce in which case I, with some embarrassment, politely decline. The embarrassment is because it means that I either eat nothing (if there’s just the one dish on offer) or the poor host is scrambling around looking for something else for me to eat.  Nowadays I do remember, I have to because my diet is no longer a conventional one.


I didn’t always hate mushrooms. I’m sure I ate them as a very young child at school, and I think I remember what put me off. Do you remember as a child when another had a rash or eczema or a scab or anything they were said to have fungus? Do you remember?


‘Eeeeeyew, you’ve got fungus!’  Timmy would shout or even worse,


‘Poooooooh, you smell and you’ve got fungus,’ from Angela.


So now imagine you’re 6 or 7 years old.  You believed that fungus was a horrible skin condition and then you’re told that something you’ve been eating is a fungus?


I have not touched a mushroom since that day.


It’s really silly, I know but children get these irrational aversions to food, don’t they? Like I knew some children that wouldn’t allow one food type to touch the other. The meal was lost if it did, they wouldn’t touch it.


Ha ha! I know what you’re thinking. Did I challenge myself to eat some form of mushroom today?


No I did not! I’m more likely to take a bungee jump than do that.


The other aversion children have is for food colours. Not just children though. If someone talks about eating something that I consider to be an unconventional food colour, burgundy for instance, my initial response is ugh, no thanks, and then I remember that beetroot has that kind of colour as do some grapes. It’s a minor issue that wouldn’t necessarily stop me eating something.


My challenge for today is not of my choosing it was selected by some people I know at church, and it was to try and eat as many foods of different colours that I can today. I got the challenge just before lunch. So by then I had had red apples, light green pears, a banana (white?) and orange juice. I mixed it a smoothie with chia seeds (black) and spirulina which made it a vivid green that looked like I was drinking medicine. For lunch, I had a stir-fry salad with green peas, yellow corn, orange lentils, pale green celery, whitish onions and brown meat (brown because it was cooked). And for dinner it’s plantain (pale orangey) eggs, yellow, with tomatoes (red), onions, and some lettuce (green), beetroot and some spring onions


I count 15 different colours if you include the varying degrees of green, and orange and white.


I’m trying to think of a food that is a colour that I just wouldn’t touch. I can’t think of anything blue but I don’t think blue food would bother me. It was suggested I try blueberries but I forgot to stop at the supermarket.


As for drinks, I only had water with a slice of lemon – another shade of yellow.


So today is a silly, fun challenge.  What did I do for the first time? Paid detailed attention to the colour of the food I’m eating and what I’ve eaten all day. The crazy thing is that once it’s digested and the body has taken whatever it needs from it all comes out the same.


Except of course the sweetcorn.