3rd March 2017: Day 43 - A Lesson Learned

Today was less a new activity and more a lesson that I think I’ve finally got.


My planned ‘something new’ for today was to play golf for the first time. It isn’t a pastime that interests me. I think I’m okay with the walking bit, or the golf cart bit, but for the life of me I don’t get the allure of hitting a small ball into a small hole. It doesn’t make sense to me. There’s a golf course not far from where I live that I noticed about a month ago (probably because I was ready to see it) and then, coincidentally, the same place appeared on my Groupon suggestions a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t know about you but I can recognise a sign when I see one and this one was saying

 ‘I’d be brilliant for your challenge. Buy me, go on, you know you want to.’

 So, I bought an 18-hole round and last week a friend and I arranged to play today. We had to meet for something else and the idea was to go and play after we finished. I thought ahead. I would be out for most of the day which meant I needed to sort out a packed lunch, so yesterday I boiled an extra egg to add to a salad. What would I wear on top? It would have to be layers because of the hot flashes. I couldn’t wear my long coat so I hunted around my things for my padded jacket.  I thought about what would be the most appropriate footwear.  I know golfers wear those funny looking shoes but I (obviously) don’t possess those. I didn’t think trainers would be appropriate so went with my boots. The ones I wear most days.


I met up with my friend, we did what we needed to do and then I mentioned our golf date.

 She had forgotten.

 She was very apologetic - genuinely so and though I gave her a bit of a hard time I know it’s not her fault, nor was it her responsibility. I’ve got till the end of the month to use the voucher so it's not the end of the world if I don’t use it for this project.


My immediate reaction was to start wracking my brain for an alternative activity but I also believe that things happen for a reason and it was maybe more important for me to learn this lesson that to wander around a golf course for the afternoon.


So what was the lesson?


Over the last year so I’ve tried to act on inner promptings. So, if something tells me to call or text someone I try to act on it immediately or almost immediately.  And it's always been right, I needed to contact that person for some reason or other. All week I was getting promptings to contact my friend but I was so busy I kept forgetting. Maybe if I had contacted her when prompted I would have heard a bit about her week and how busy she has also been and maybe I could have reminded her.

 I know this may read like I’m just beating myself up – not at all. I’m really glad it happened because I do this time and time again.  Did I say above that I can recognise a sign when I see one? Well I can miss or ignore them as well and each time I recognise that it could have been avoided if I just listened to that inner voice.


Can anyone out there relate?