2nd March 2017: Day 42 - Zumba

Me and Annalise, the instructor

Me and Annalise, the instructor

I think I’ve mentioned that I lived in Brazil for 6 months about 8 years ago.  While I was out there I learned how to Samba.  I wouldn’t say I was brilliant but good enough to follow a strong dancer without disgracing myself too much. One thing I remember about that class (which I attended 3 times a week) was the instructor screaming at me to move my hips. This was because as much as I thought I was moving them, as exaggerated as I thought my movements were, to her they were not enough.  I remembered that last year when I attended a camp where we were expected to test our physical endurance and where I surprised myself by pushing my body to go much further than it had before and it didn’t really hurt. I could say I’m a bit lazy but I don’t think that label is particularly helpful to me. I think it’s more accurate to say I need to be pushed, either by myself or by another.


The teacher T Harv Eker says ‘how you do anything is how you do everything,’ so it makes sense that I need to be pushed in other areas of my life. And I do.  Give me forever to complete a task and I’ll take forever. Give me 10 minutes and I’ll do it in 10.


My activity today was to attend a Zumba Fitness class.  Like I said, I learned Samba many years ago, but I’ve never done Zumba. It was downstairs in a bar in Leicester Square. I didn’t know what to wear but had on track suit bottoms, a vest and a pair of sports socks – everyone else was wearing trainers but that was alright.  Everyone else seemed very young but that was alright too.

The session was busy and a young man invited a few people to use the raised area so that we could be spread out. Thank goodness I didn’t take him up on that offer because it turned out to be the ‘stage’  where the instructor stood and all eyes were on whoever was up there.


As well as never having danced Zumba, I had never done a workout class like this.  It’s always seemed to me to be too much like hard work. And it did today. The exercises were in the form of little routines that the instructor put together with each song that was played. The moves that she showed us for the choruses of the songs stayed the same and we repeated them. So in a way you knew where you stood with the exercise. I couldn’t quite see the difference between Zumba and Samba but it was high energy. I wasn't too bad, although halfway through the class I started to wonder if I would be able to finish the class.  Then I remembered the Samba class I did in Brazil, and the camp I attended, and that helped me to keep going.


And as I write this I realise that I have to remember the idea that I can go further than I imagine, I need to remember that idea in all areas of my life. I need to remember it daily, hourly. Whenever what I’m doing seems too difficult, or overwhelming, I just need to remind myself that I don’t truly know my own strength and that I can take it if I push myself just a little bit harder – I’m not going to break.


The class was supposed to be 55 minutes long but I think we were finished a good 10 minutes early.


It suited me fine.