4th February 2017: Day 16 - Say it With Flowers

First of all, I’d like to thank Melanie for this gem of an idea which was to send a bunch of flowers to someone ‘just because’. I sent a card saying who they were from but I forgot to do the second bit (the bonus) which was to tell them what I appreciate about them.

The flowers won’t arrive until Monday so I can’t say who the person is but she’s older than me, she’s someone who is very humble, kind and generous.  She was quietly supportive during a very difficult time I had a few years ago, would call to find out how I am, and when she saw me would give me a smile of encouragement. We took a journey together, both literal and metaphorical and were able to hold each other up through the challenging times and celebrate our achievements.  I’ll tell her all this when she gets the flowers.

At a seminar last year, we were asked to find one person to whom we felt we hadn’t adequately expressed our gratitude. We were asked to write that person a letter and we were asked to call the person and read them the letter. I chose my sister. I was in America at the time so I had to pick my time (which I think was bed time in UK). I remember her voice when I told her I wanted to read something to her, you know, that

 ‘I really don’t want to do this right now but you’re calling from the States so I better listen,’ voice. And I remember the change in tone as she realised what I was reading and I remember hearing and sensing her receiving that appreciation. I also remember feeling glad that I did that, that I took the time to make sure she heard how much I appreciated what she had done for me.

I enjoyed sending those flowers today. I enjoy the possibility that I can bring a smile to another person’s face and I think I’ll do it again from time to time.


Is there someone you would like to thank? Maybe you want to write them a letter or say it with flowers or even just give them a call. Why don’t you try it? I guarantee you’ll love the feeling.

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