27th February 2017: Day 39 - Kielbasa Z Kija

I used to host students. During the term time they came from schools in Germany. And in the summer holidays, they were young adults who came to learn English for a couple of weeks.  These students, especially those from Germany would bring little gifts.  Sometimes it would be boxes of chocolate, or a bottle of wine and a lot of the time they would bring something from their hometown, like honey, or in one case, perfume and every now and again they would bring German sausages. At the time I wasn’t much of a meat eater, although I did eat meat I preferred chicken, so I either cooked the sausage in a dish for the students or gave it away to a friend’s mother who is from Germany.


In the last 40 or so days I have tried things I wouldn’t normally eat and in that spirit decided once again to step out of my gastronomic (is that the right word?) comfort zone and buy something from my local Polish delicatessen.  I walk past this shop each day and hadn’t really registered its existence. I just assumed there wouldn’t be anything there for me.  I don’t have any Polish friends in London so I’ve never had the opportunity to try the food.


I walked in and the vegetable aisle was to my right. Nothing unusual there, I thought, and proceeded on. As one would expect the tins were labelled in Polish so I didn’t have a clue what was in them and I headed to the meat counter.  There was a wide range of sausages. I asked the assistant what differentiated them and she couldn’t really tell me. She said some could be eaten straight away and some would need to be boiled or fried. I observed, though, that there were varying degrees of porkiness, in that some had 100% pork and others 50-60%. I stood and pondered which to get, and asked some questions but stepped back to allow a waiting customer to be served.

What I really wanted to try was one of their deserts – there was a trifle with a spinach base (not sure about that) -  but I don’t eat those things any more, deserts I mean, or at least I haven’t for a while and didn’t want to risk upsetting my stomach.

I went back to the meat counter and asked the assistant to recommend something and she suggested the Kielbasa Z Kija. She said I didn’t need to cook it, it was ready to eat. So I took a smallish piece which I tried as soon as I left the store.

It actually wasn’t bad, kind of more-ish as well. I brought it home and fried a bit of it. I think I prefer it fried. My current diet makes it difficult for me to find foods to snack on or to eat for lunch and I can see myself buying this again to put in my lunch box.


There really is a lot to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something you wouldn’t normally. Some things are okay, somethings not, but more often than not I’ve found something that I can take forward into my day to day life.


This, to my surprise, is one of them.

Taiwo Dayo-PayneComment