24th February 2017: Day 36 - Long, Dark Lashes

One of the things I really wanted to do before I hit 50 was to have false eye lashes.  I didn’t achieve it.  I can’t remember why that was but I didn’t do it before my 50th birthday, in fact the first time I had false eyelashes was the Christmas of the year I was 51. I went to the false eye lash place in Morleys in Brixton.

They had to test the glue on the skin behind my ear first, for 24 hours I think it was. So the next day, when they were happy my ear wasn’t going to drop off and my skin wasn’t going to go green, I got my first set of false eye lashes – the individual ones. The woman doing it asked me if I wanted them to look normal and I said yes (I’m all for naturel, don’t you know.)  It wasn’t until she finished and I looked in the mirror that I realised I’d made the wrong decision.  They looked okay, but too normal. It didn’t look like I had falsies, it only looked like I had thick mascara on. I realised that I wanted them to be 2 or even 3 times the length of my natural lashes. OK not 3 times but what’s the point of having false eyelashes if no one can see you have them on?


I had falsies applied in Nigeria when I had my make-up done by a professional but I’ve never put them on myself so today I decided to give it a try. I bought a pair of cheap lashes from Superdrug, you know just in case it was a disaster. The instructions on the box were in small print so I needed my glasses, luckily my eyes haven’t got so bad that I need my glasses to put on the lashes – how would that have worked out?


The instructions said to apply them with a pair of tweezers.  I went to my pedicure set to find there were no tweezers. Of course there weren’t, what would I use them for? Plucking the hairs on my toes?  - I don’t have any (hairs on my toes, I mean, I have toes). So I had to use my rather large and unfeminine fingers.


The lashes in the box were labelled. The one for the left lash was on the right-hand side and the one for the right on the left.




Then I needed to try them on for size, the instructions said if they were too wide to cut them down but it didn’t say what to do if they weren’t wide enough (as they were in my case). I was supposed to apply glue but they were already tacky enough to stick on I decided.

Oh yes, what I forgot to say is I have this fear of not being able to open my eyes.  You know that feeling you get when you’ve had a really deep sleep, usually in the afternoon and you want to open your eyes but you can’t.  It’s really freaky, I think it’s actually that you think you’re awake but you’re not. Anyway it’s freaky and I have a fear that something like sticking on single strip eyelashes could glue my eyes shut. That in my sleep, the glue would run down into my eyes and glue them shut. So yes I decided the glue already on the lashes was good enough.


I applied them, it probably took a bit longer than those more experienced than me and in possession of a set of tweezers but I did it. I know the right one was a bit too high, I’m sure I could see my eyelid under the lash. My coach (who I met on Skype with a couple of hours after I did them) said I didn’t look weird, but they felt very strange; a bit heavy and a little like they were about to fall off.

Anyway I did it.  It’s now 10.30pm and you can probably guess that with me using the past tense I have taken them off. I kept them on for a few hours (just over 5) and that was enough. At least I now know that I can put them on if I want to though, just not for wearing at home and not for wearing overnight.


 Are false eyelashes re-useable?





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