17th February 2017: Day 29 - Facial au Chocolat

As you can see a little too free with the spread

As you can see a little too free with the spread

I had the telly on one morning this week and saw an item where a beautician used chocolate spread as a face mask. So guess what I did today???

The beautician said you could use any kind of chocolate, but I decided to go for the organic kind with no dairy, no nuts and gluten-free. It cost £2.99.

I spread about the equivalent of a teaspoon and a half liberally over my face. I remembered that it was supposed to dry so  went and sat at my table trying to do something that wouldn’t require my glasses which really meant aimlessly browsing the internet and while browsing aimlessly I pondered the fact that I used to be a chocolate lover but since I stop eating sugar (nearly a year now) I find processed chocolate a bit much. As I sat there I also remembered that I’m not very fond of the smell of chocolate, in fact the only time I do like the smell is as it’s going into my mouth. Which is why I don’t use cocoa butter products, for instance.

At the height of my addiction Minstrels were my chocolate of choice, especially the big bags that you get in Tesco and Sainsburys for £1. There was a time when I hosted foreign students who would bring me boxes of really nice chocolates that sat in my kitchen cupboard for weeks and months until I remembered to give them away. Minstrels were my thing. But now I see them (even when they’re only a £1 a bag) and don’t even bat an eyelid in temptation.  

The outside temperature has increased measurably these past few days and with the hot flashes I’m also feeling hotter than usual so as I waited I noticed the chocolate was melting rather than drying. In fact, at one point it began to drip down my lip and rather than lick it off (I really didn’t fancy that) I wiped it off with a tissue.

 Given my positive experience of drinking cacao (see Day 24) this sudden aversion to chocolate surprised me so I continued to ponder, and now I’m thinking it’s not the smell of chocolate I don’t like, but the smell of the sugar contained in it.

I stopped having sugar in coffee when I was about 17 and when I drank coffee I could smell if there was sugar in it before the cup reached my mouth. Last year I was at a retreat where we were given sugar puffs one morning (there was a reason). By then I hadn’t eaten refined sugar at all for about two months and it tasted like I was eating poison so I stopped after a couple of spoons. So like I said, it’s probably not the smell of chocolate I object to but the sugar and the processing of the chocolate.


Fresh zingy, chocolat-ified skin

Fresh zingy, chocolat-ified skin

After about half an hour, I went to remove the mask and realised that I had probably applied a bit too much chocolate spread so I scooped off the top layer and left a not so thin layer to dry off a little. Another 15 minutes later and I removed the mask.  You do this by rubbing the chocolate as though you are rubbing it into your skin and you’ll find it peeling off as you rub. Don’t rub too hard though because although my skin feels soft and zingy, there are also areas (my left cheek) where it feels a bit tender because I rubbed too vigorously (my left cheek).

It’s a little soon to say what the effects of the facial are but I will tell you as soon as I know. What I will say is that I'm really 94 ;-)


To be continued…


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