14th February 2017: Day 26 - Be My Valentine?

I’m so not into Valentine’s Day, I never was. Except maybe when I was at school. I seem to remember making a Valentine’s Day picture for my parents a couple of times but it’s never been my thing. As an adult I was one of the few women who meant it when I said I wasn’t interested so didn’t get upset if I didn’t get something. I just wasn’t into it. Aside from anything else I think there’s a little resentment at the manipulation of heart-filled cards displayed in the shops almost before the Christmas decorations have come down (I saw hot cross buns in Sainsburys and it’s not even Lent yet – don’t get me started). And a little concern that when people are just getting over the trauma that can be Christmas, Valentine’s Day comes along to remind them just how unloved and alone they are. Needless to say, I’ve never sent a Valentine’s card. I think I might have received one once or maybe not, my nephew sent me a Valentine’s text one year though (sweet).

Photo: Shared from Facebook

Photo: Shared from Facebook

This year, there seems to be a different feel to the day and I think it’s because of social media. My phone has been peeping all day with WhatsApp group members sending their Valentine’s Day wishes and photos ( Okay I know not everyone will appreciate that). The same with Facebook. So it’s been nice to see people extending their love to all their friends and family. I feel like it’s so needed at the moment. At a time where people are unsure about what is going on in the world and how it’s all going to turn out. At a time where overt hatred and prejudice is thought to be acceptable and charity, compassion and love for our traumatised fellow humans is seen to be a weakness, it’s nice to see people just wishing each other love and sharing loving thoughts.

Seeing all the good wishes has made me smile and I feel very blessed to have warm loving people in and around my life and grateful too. I do believe that if we each do our little bit, contribute our little slice of peace, care and compassion, we can burn through this strange fog that seems to have descended on us and transform it into love instead. Just saying.

For me, I decided to suspend my ‘bah humbug’ attitude today and send a Valentine’s card to someone (I actually sent it last night). It was anonymous but I wrote something that I hope will alert the person that it was from me – the idea was to make her smile not make her think she has an admirer – it certainly made me smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I wish you a year filled with love and light xx


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