11th February 2017: Day 23 - Dare to Dream? Part 1

Did you keep a scrap book when you were younger? I didn’t, at least I don’t remember having one - is it the sort of thing a person would remember? I say I didn’t because I don’t think I have (or should I say had) the personality traits to keep something like that going. I was a book lover; that was more or less all I did as a child, read. To keep a scrap book would require discipline, commitment and constantly having your eye out for opportunities to add to it. I suppose you could say I collected books – if I lived in a big enough house I would never ever have given away a book. But I don’t think that’s the same discipline or commitment or maybe it was easier.

My niece was in love with Justin Bieber from about the age of 9. By the time she was in secondary school her bedroom wall was completely plastered with pictures of him, some of Selena Gomez (his then girlfriend) and a couple of the Jonas brothers, but Justin was her man.  The easiest way to engage in a long conversation with her was to ask about Justin Bieber and the easiest way to tease her into a tizzy was to say something derogatory about him. She was a true fan, who thought she would one day grow up to be his girlfriend. She has now outgrown him, her posters have been taken down, but I think she, like Take That fans and Spice Girls fans, will always have a small place in her heart for JB. And that to me is commitment, I may have thought it misplaced and sweet, but it is commitment and it’s not something I remember having enough of.  I don’t know what or who I could have been so passionate about to warrant that kind of time.

2016 was a great year for me. I didn’t have a resolution I just set the intention to flow with life, to live the words ‘thy will be done,’ just to see where that would take me.  I got to see different countries, meet people I wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to meet and take myself, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to places I never dreamed were possible. I’ve approached 2017 the same way. I’ll continue to flow with life but with more focused intentions, with more clarity of vision.

Today I bought myself a book which I’m going to use to stick images of my hopes and dreams, things, emotions and people I would like to have in my life as I move forward. I know what you’re thinking, I should just make a vision board but I don’t have anywhere to put one. I also like the idea of having something I can carry with me if I want, that I can keep as a record of my aspirations, where I can look back on and remember my starting point, where I can look forwards and see where I’m going, that I can look at and enjoy where I am at any given time.

As I’ve got older, I’ve veered away from buying magazines. I might flick through one at the hairdressers or occasionally, at the airport, buy a copy of O magazine, but I don’t buy magazines because I don’t get the time to read them. I tell you this because it will be the biggest challenge for me around this visioning. In order to keep a scrap book going I will need to have the material to put in it and the commitment and discipline my niece had as a Justin Bieber fan. My teacher, Blair Singer, quotes Mack Newton as saying

‘Discipline is doing what you’re supposed to be doing, when you’re supposed to be doing it, whether you like it or not.’

 I said before that, in order to maintain discipline and commitment, you need to feel passion and I think I’m passionate enough about creating and maintaining the lifestyle I want for the next chapter of my life to be disciplined enough to do what I have to do to get me there. How about you?

I’ll leave it there. More about this tomorrow.


To be continued…

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