21st January 2017: Day 2 - Sushi for Beginners

Photo by Brad McCraw

Photo by Brad McCraw

When I was growing up there were foods my Mum would make us try in the hope we would get to like them.  I remember her giving us Jollof rice; Jollof rice so spicy that to my young mind just the smell made my lips smart. To put it in my mouth and willingly cause my tongue to swell seemed an unnecessary form of masochism. So, I politely declined peppery food in favour of more western fare like Brain’s Faggots (I’m sure other there are other brands of faggots widely available). There was also tapioca which I absolutely hated. I wasn’t sure whether it reminded me more of bogey or frog spawn. The few times my Mum served it I would try and eat a little bit (yuck) or take a teaspoonful and see if it would stick on the underside of the table and sometimes it did, but I also politely declined that.  I think she tried to get me to eat Marmite once – only once though.

But there was one time that she came home with a recipe for homemade yoghurt. She got it from her friend Mrs James. One day I saw these cups of milk sitting on the worktop in the kitchen and a couple of days later she proudly announced that we were having homemade yoghurt – homemade plain yoghurt for dessert. That was the only time in my life that I considered the possibility that my Mum was trying to kill us – not just me, but her entire family. My sibs and my Dad, and whoever else was living with us at the time. I knew then that when I grew up I would never eat something that sounded strange to me, that didn’t sit well with my sensibilities. If I’m offered, then I politely decline. 


Today I tried Sushi – with great trepidation. I tried salmon because I like salmon (when it’s cooked) it was wrapped over blocks of sticky rice. Then there was a rice square stuff with some avocado, (a piece so small I could overlook my aversion to it) and a bit more salmon. My mastermind group pals were there to encourage me and show me what to do. Pour the soy sauce into the little thingy provided, then mix in the wasabi and dip the sushi roll in before popping it into my mouth.

I wish I could tell you that it completely changed my view of eating raw fish – wouldn’t that be a happy ending.  It didn’t. I was glad for the soy sauce which was so strong that it masked the taste of the fish and so strong that I don’t think I’ll be trying that again. It wasn’t awful – I didn’t feel like retching as I ate it, but it wasn’t pleasant. I ate most of it because it was there and I had to eat something, and, of course because it’s day 2 of my challenge. So now I can say I’ve eaten Sushi. I don’t like it but I’ve eaten it and the thought of eating it again pulls my face into a grimace.

How about you, is there something you haven’t tried and believe you won’t like? Why not give it a go? The worst that could happen is that you know it isn’t for you and the best you could be surprised and discover something that has been missing form your life all these years.  If you do then tell us in the comments section below.

Go on, you know you want to.