Do you feel that life is passing you by?


Do you have unfulfilled dreams and ambitions?


Are you approaching or in your middle years?


Do you think it's too late for you?


Well it’s never too late to make a change.



 Create your LIFE is a one day seminar where you will identify:



1.      the kind of life you want to create


2.      the goals that you really want to pursue to make it happen


3.      one action that you can commit to that will take you closer to achieving your ideal life


'If money were no object I would go to Brazil and write'.


These were words I said over and over for several years but suddenly this was different.  It was at a time that I had come to the end of the road with my job as a project manager but didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. I was having a conversation with a friend when I said again:


            'If money were no object I would go to Brazil and write,’


and it was as though I were hearing it for the first time. I felt very disappointed with myself because the reality was I was allowing that thought to become an obstacle. Can you relate to this? Do you tell yourself stories that block your progress? Do you allow your perceived limitations to stop you doing what you want?


A year later I went to live in Brazil for 6 months where I learnt to speak Portuguese and wrote a lot of what was to become my first novel.


I am coming across more and more people whose lives are changing; children flying the nest, redundancy threatening, or maybe they feel they are not where they hoped to be at this stage in their lives. People who are wanting to make changes, wanting to live the life they were meant to live, who are now in the position to do that but don’t quite know where to start. Or they do know but are stuck That is why I developed Create your LIFE.


Create Your LIFE Lagos, September 2016

Create Your LIFE Lagos, September 2016

What others have said about Create your LIFE


It will get you thinking, planning and doing.’


‘Do it, gain some order in your life’


‘If there are aspects of your life and goals you keep hidden this workshop would benefit them’